Scrubin Preferred Partner Services

Here’s How We Make It Simple

Dedicated Project Management

You will have one Scrubin representative who will handle your purchasing needs from start to finish. One contact for every solution to take care of all of your needs. Consider your representative your uniform concierge, dedicated to making sure that your order process is executed flawlessly and effortlessly.

Convenient Sample Program

How many times have you received your uniform items only to find out that it didn’t look and feel the way you expected it to? Scrubin eliminates that by mailing you the exact item you are thinking about selecting so you and your team know exactly what you are getting. We take the guesswork out of your uniform selection process.

Sizing Kits for Your Specific Products

Everyone knows that different manufacturers and fabrics produce clothing that fits in its own unique way. The last thing you want to do is spend hours on a return process and sending items back. That’s why Scrubin resolves sizing issues by sending you a uniform in each size for the specific product you order. Let your team try on the clothing until they find the perfect fit.

Custom Portal for Your Organization

Once you’ve selected the right uniform items through our sample program, you can stock your virtual store with just the items you want your staff to see. Your team will know exactly what items are available for them, making it simple and straightforward to select the uniform, and ensuring that everyone is compliant with your standards of dress. We build it, you control it, and your employees receive the gear they need.

Fast Turnaround on Embroidery

Who has 4 weeks to wait for a uniform to be embroidered? We eliminate that long wait by keeping all of our embroidery services in house. In doing so, we typically turn uniform embroidery requests around in 5-7 days. You need it fast, and Scrubin is here to make it happen by doing the work ourselves!

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Easy Allowance and Voucher Payment Process

With our Preferred Partner Portal, payment processing has never been easier! Whether you are a small practice or large hospital system, we’ll simplify the process by sending your employees a voucher for the allotted amount you select. Each employee gets an account, and you choose how much you are going to award for purchases. Whether it’s an annual uniform purchase or the initial onboarding process, you send the stipend and they do the shopping!

Become a Scrubin Preferred Partner

At Scrubin, we believe that it’s our job to take the burden of uniform ordering off of your shoulders. We have come up with a system that offers true innovation, unlike any ordering experience you’ve encountered. From the initial call to the final delivery, you are always in the loop, and every step of the process has measures in place to get it right the first time. At Scrubin, our Preferred Partners can “set it and forget it,” meaning that once your process is set up, we handle the rest and you can get back to the important tasks that come with running a practice or organization.

Customized Web Portal

Ordering for your office has never been easier. Your entire Uniform Program neatly organized on your own Branded Custom Portal.

Simple Portal Access

Allow your employees to order the right uniforms directly from your custom portal. Maintaining a uniformed professional look has never been easier.

Custom Logo Embroidery

We attach your company logo to your custom portal allowing you to order custom embroidered items with ease. Plus our in-house embroidery department means fast delivery of customized items.

Dedicated Account Manager

We’ll be there for you with answers and solutions to all of your uniform needs.

Preferred Service for Any Practice

Customer-First Ordering for All Specialties

No matter the size, scope or specialty, if you are tasked with ordering uniforms for your team, you deserve the kind of attention to detail that Scrubin offers. Below are some of the industries we specialize in assisting with custom uniform ordering.

Healthcare Organizations

From large hospitals and clinics to private practices, we help administrators and practice owners find solutions that work for their individual needs. If you’ve got different departments looking for unique uniform choices, our custom portal can accommodate. If you have a small practice and handle purchasing yourself or have an assistant you can’t afford to burden with a complicated process, we have the answer. Easy payment options like Net 30 terms, our Preferred Partner Voucher program and even an easy to set up payroll deduction service make fulfillment convenient. Large or small, Scrubin’s Preferred Partner program provides uniform ordering solutions that make things easy and get it right the first time.

Veterinary Practices

You’ve got animals that need your attention, so let us focus on getting your uniform process streamlined. Whether you order uniforms for your team or they are individually responsible for their own uniforms, our client portal makes selection easy and helps your technicians and assistants spend less time online and more time with the animals you serve.

Schools & Universities

If you are an administrator, you know that the process of providing uniform options for students can be complicated. From uniform selection to processing payments, you need an easy solution to handle your uniform needs. With Scrubin’s custom portal, your students will only see the options they are eligible for, and you can leave payment options up to them. Not only is it simple, but the Preferred Partner Program enables your institution to provide discounted pricing and extremely fast turnaround times. Graduate to an easier uniform platform with the Preferred Partner Program from Scrubin.

Dental & Eye Care Practices

You’re there to manage a practice, not manage individual uniform purchases! With our Preferred Partner Portal, each of your employees gets their own individual shopping account. They will only be able to pick from the items you’ve selected, making it simple to select their items. Employees can pay on their own or you can take advantage of our Preferred Partner Voucher Program . You’ll save money with our deep Preferred Partner discounts, and with our industry-leading 5-7 day turnaround times, you’ll have your new uniforms fast. Your office will be glad you became a Scrubin Preferred Partner.

Home Health Professionals

Coordinating uniform options for individual caregivers doesn’t have to be complicated. With our custom portal, your independent caregivers can log in and pick out a uniform from your designated options, eliminating confusion and compliance issues. They’ll be glad that they can take advantage of the Preferred Partner discounts, and convenient options like Net 30 terms, our payroll deduction program and our Preferred Partner Voucher program make payments easy for you. Let your team handle more of the process on their own with Scrubin’s Preferred Partner Program.

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